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Purpose Actualization Program 

Purpose Accelerator Course 

Plug Into Your Purpose - Video Series


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Adetola Somi-Gbadamosi - Human Resource/ Recruiter

The Purpose Actualization Program is really an eye opener. I went into the program curious and with questions and I can truly say I have gained clarity and perspective. The modules of the course are very detailed and knowledge-filled. You will be propelled to self reflect and you will see the answers you are looking for staring you right in the face. I’m really glad I engaged with this program. Well done Coach!


Jennifer Aikoroje - Accounting & Tax Professional

I call Kikelola the 'Purpose Birther'. I worked with her on a social learning project where I had the opportunity to empower others with my knowledge and expertise. I was about to pull out and reached out to Kikelola. She helped me discover my distinct value and see how this project aligned with it. I felt like I had struck gold! She is an expert in helping you see what you cannot see in yourself and giving you that push to pursue your purpose with confidence. Today, I consciously and confidently pursue my purpose and feel fulfilled on the inside.


Dr. Deborah Motilewa (Phd) - Business Professor

Kikelola’s approach to helping you discover your purpose is self-driven, filled with passion, and very sustainable. She is the Coach I run to whenever I feel stuck or when I struggle with taking up new challenges. She helps me understand the ‘why’ and the right steps to achieve all my goals. At the end of every conversation I have with her, I leave with more clarity, a renewed drive and excitement to get on with the next phase in my life. She is knowledgeable about her field, she brings out the hidden treasures in individuals and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is keen on identifying and actualizing their purpose.

How it works


Our programs are self-paced and taken via video training in  Training Portal. Each student will need to sign up to the portal and access to each module will be given on a weekly basis.


Each lesson and module has assessment worksheets to help students reflect and practice what they have learned. Completed worksheets are to be uploaded for the Instructor's review and feedback.


Students send in questions relating to the weekly module/daily lesson to the Instructor who will answer them during a weekly Q&A session.


There will be weekly check-ins on each student from the Instructor to ensure they are on track with the program.


Students have access to two personal sessions with their Program Coach to get more clarity and guidance on their purpose journey.


Students are welcome to join the private Facebook group - The Purpose Actualization Circle - to meet and learn from other professionals succeeding in actualizing their purpose.


After completion of any of our programs, students have a 2-month access to the portal and resources to help them refresh on what they have learned.


A wide range of trainings and resources from the Program Coach and other successful professionals are available to students who join the private Facebook group.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to buy this program?

The program opens every first and last monday of the month. You have till then to reserve your spot and join the class. The Purpose Accelerator Course starts a new class every week.


How long will i have access to the program?

After completion of any of the programs, you have 2 months access to the Training Portal.


Is there a money back guarantee?

There is a 7 days money-back guarantee with proof that you have completed the first week's content (including worksheets) excluding the Purpose Accelerator Course.

Are there payment plans?

There are two payment options available. For the Purpose Actualization Program, you can:

  • Make a one-time payment of $497,

  • Make an initial deposit payment of $100 plus four weekly payments of $100 each

Payment for the 5 Day Purpose Accelerator Course must be made in full.

Are there any discounts?

The early bird discount of 50% is now available for a limited time. You pay $497 today instead of $997 for the Purpose Actualization Program and $97 today instead of $197 for the 5 Day Purpose Accelerator Course. Register today to secure your spot.

Is a deposit fee required?

A minimum deposit fee of $100 is required to reserve your spot in The Purpose Actualization Program before the start dates.

Are you dripping content?

For the Purpose Actualization Program, a new module will be released on the training portal every week. For the Purpose Accelerator Course, lesson videos are released daily. This is to help students focus on the tasks for the week or day so they are not overwhelmed.

How much time does it take?

The Purpose Actualization Program:

An average of 3 hours of work per student per week is required to complete the weekly video training and worksheets.

The Purpose Accelerator Course:

An average of 1 hour of work per student per day is required to complete the weekly video training and worksheets.

How long is the program?

The Purpose Actualization Program:

This is a 5-weeks program, however  there is the opportunity for a two weeks extension for students who might not be able to complete the course in 5-weeks.

The Purpose Actualization Course:

This is a 5-days course and must be completed by the end of the week.

Is there a mini-course available?

The Purpose Accelerator Course is a condensed version of the Purpose Actualization Program going at a discounted price of $97. This is a 5-day training on potential discovery and purpose activation covering key lessons from The Purpose Actualization Program.

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No Refund Policy After 7-Days: This course is 100% digital so there are no refunds after the initial trial period. We believe immediate action, commitment and follow-through creates energy and momentum. We've found that clients who don't have the option to back out of their commitments get much better results. Our digital delivery enables us to help you move forward and get started on your goals once the program kicks off without waiting on snail mail. Please note that there are no refunds after 7-days and no refunds for weekly courses.  Payments made are non-transferable to another program.