The Purpose Accelerator Program

Meet Kikelola Emechafor


Kikelola has been a Learning and Development Coach for 10 years with an educational background in Accounting, International Marketing and Adult Education. She is a woman of excellence with distinction in B.Sc Accounting, distinction in M.Sc International Marketing  and a Certificate in Adult Education. 


She worked as a finance professional with one of the top 3 Oil & Gas companies in the world, a Business Coach with one of the top 3 fashion retailers in the world and a Learning and Development specialist with a multinational telecommunication service provider in West Africa.

In the course of her career, she had the opportunity of designing and developing instructional materials  and training adult learners with both hard and soft skills needed to help them thrive at their jobs. She also coached poor-performing employees in making decisions and taking steps that helped them change their mindset and excel on the job. She was recognized as the best Business Coach and awarded the best performing Trainer, respectively; with my last two employers.


As a life-long learner, she observed how easily high achievers defined their identities around their profession, position and possession. On the outside, they appeared to have it all but; on the inside, there’s was a void that roles, titles and status couldn’t fill. They felt frustrated and unfulfilled. When jobs were lost, they experienced an identity crisis as they watched their 'created' identity walk away with the position and possession that came with the job.

In the course of navigating different career paths, She has been able to identify her potential goldmine and narrow down to her life's purpose. She also authored a book on  purpose titled Fulfilling Purpose In Everyday LifeNow, using her skills, experience and knowledge; She developed a learning and development platform - The Arkademy, where high-achieving individuals can be empowered to discover themselves beyond their titles and achievements and get on a journey to a purposeful and truly fulfilling life.

She has worked with organizations and professionals across different industries to create social learning platforms where high-achievers can tap into their potentials and share knowledge to educate and empower the community.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, she worked with Kingdom Life Ministries,  a Not-for-Profit organization, to create the '5 Ideas' Webinar Series that provides relevant and valuable information that educates and empowers people in these uncertain times. Please see an episode of the webinar series here.


Join me on The Purpose Actualization Program where I will be sharing practical steps, strategies and tools that will help you discover and activate your innate potential as well as guide to actualize your life's purpose. To hear my story on how i started my journey to purpose and learn more about the program, click the link below.

The Purpose Accelerator Program

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